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37th Indefatigable Reunion: Details 24th July 2021

37th Reunion: Details below

Saturday 24th July 2021 10:00>

We have to advise: The Reunion date is tentative subject to change by the English or Welsh Parliaments, and subject to COVID-19 restrictions 2021.

19/07/2021 update!

It is with regret JSMTC have had no option but to cancel our proposed event on Sat 24th July down at the Old School, during the day. 

Army guidance – Following the 4 week pause to the Government’s roadmap for England, and subject to expected reviews of the Covid alert states and associated restrictions. This is due to JSMTC being an Army led Centre, which falls under the guidance within a recently updated COVID Army publication. The publication states the following on Official Mess Functions (OMF) and includes Official Hospitality (OH) which our event falls under, are to not go ahead.

** JSMTC are happy to still open their gates to our group for an hour, so that we may have a walk around the Main Building and grounds etc.  *At this time the Main building will be locked and out of bounds. **Please respect this.

For those who would still like to go down to JSMTC Indefatigable for initial check-in YOUR NAME has to be included on this website page, please see the ATTENDEE LIST below.

It is the Committee’s intention to STILL proceed with the 2021 Indefatigable OBA reunion on Saturday July 24th, as follows;

The REUNION, LUNCH & DINNER will now be all held at the Carreg Bran Hotel.

Carreg Bran Hotel – SATNAV address: Church Lane, Llanfairpwll. Anglesey – LL61 5YH (Tel: 01248 511 577)


POLITE REQUEST: Please ensure you bring a C-19 FACE MASK in the event that they are required.


Friday 23rd July 2021Vibrant Shirt Night (AKA: Shite-Shirt Night): In memory of  ‘Spencer Bell 1958 – IOBA Chairman’ at the Carreg Bran Hotel, all in aid of Prostate Cancer: *If you intend to dine at the Carreg Bran Hotel on Friday evening 23rd July, please PRE-BOOK your own groups table in-advance.

Link : Prostate Cancer


Saturday 24th July 2021Indefatigable Reunion Day & IOBA AGM at ‘Carreg Bran Hotel(not in the Old School as originally planned).


Saturday 24th July 2021 IOBA Members & Invited Guest’s attending the 37th IOBA Reunion Dinner at the ‘Carreg Bran Hotel’.


The IOBA PayPal BOOKING web page is now offline as of 28th June, as advertised was the final cut-off date.


Registered total attending the 2021 37th IOBA Reunion :


There are 43 booked placings for Lunch & 55 placings for Dinner.


Agenda for Reunion Day: If you would like to attend the walk around the Old School, please remember parking at JSMTC is a premium, please ‘lift share’ wherever possible.

IOBA & Guests DAY Plan : 24th/July/2021


POLITE REQUEST: Please ensure you bring a C-19 FACE MASK in the event that they are required.


  • 10:00 – 11:30 IOBA members AGM in the ‘Carreg Bran Hotel’. ATTENDANCE, NON-COMPULSORY.


  • 11:30 – 12:30 LUNCH (Menu Hot & Cold finger buffet) £15 per person – at the ‘Carreg Bran Hotel’.


  • 11:30 – 14:30 IOBA SHOP open – ‘Carreg Bran Hotel’.


  • 12:15 – 13:30 For those who would still like to go down to JSMTC Indefatigable we have a ONE hour slot 12:30 – 13:30.  For initial check-in YOUR NAME has to be included on this website page, please see the ATTENDEE LIST below. 


  • 13:45 All IOBA none residence guests are to be off site JSMTC.


IOBA & Guests EVENING Plan : 24th/July/2021


POLITE REQUEST: Please ensure you bring a C-19 FACE MASK in the event that they are required.


  • 16:30 – 17:30 St Mary’s Church visit confirmed by Churchwarden OPEN – Please do not sit on the Church Pews.


  • 18:00 – 19:00 Meet for Drinks at Carreg Bran Hotel.


  • 19:00 for 19:15 IOBA Members & Invited Guest’s are cordially invited to join us for THE 37th IOBA REUNION DINNER and seated by 19:15.


The Dinner is now a TABLE SERVICE – Following the latest Welsh guidelines 14th July 2021.  Dinner (£25 per person) at Carreg Bran Hotel – Dinner to conclude 21:30.


Evening Wear: Smart dress code.


There will be 10 TABLES with x6 PLACINGS per table, you are invited to choose your table to be seated (other than the Head Table). The HEAD table being in a central location ‘inclusive of the seating area’


37th Indefatigable Reunion Dinner Menu

Something similar as below ;


Leek & Potato Soup with Croutons served with a Warm Bread Roll. (V)

Southern Fried Chicken Strips served with Sweet Chilli & Dressed Salad.

Classic Prawn Cocktail served on a Bed of Salad with Wholemeal Bread.

Fan of Melon with a Seasonal Fruit Compote.


Roast Striploin of Welsh Beef.

Roast Chicken Breast with Homemade Stuffing.

All the above are served with Roast Potatoes, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Roast Parsnips, Buttered Seasonal Vegetables, Cauliflower Cheese, Yorkshire Pudding & a Rich Roast Gravy

Poached Salmon with Stem Broccoli served with New Potatoes & Hollandaise Sauce.

Brie & Mushroom Wellington with a Rich Tomato Sauce. (V)


Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce served with Custard / Cream or Ice Cream.

Homemade Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake served with Fresh Cream & Coulis.

Homemade Strawberry Shortbread & Chantilly Cream Stack.

Cheese & Biscuits Board.


Link : Click here for accommodation : Self catering apartments, family run B&B’s, Farmhouse Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, Lodges and Chalets, Campsites, Touring Parks and Yurt & Tipi Campsites.

Prizes for the raffle are very much appreciated.  Fund raising RAFFLE TICKETS will be SOLD BEFORE DINNER (not during dinner) on the day.

Link : Click here for Reunion special raffle 2021 prizes.

Registered total attending the 2021 37th IOBA Reunion ;

20/07/2021 – 43 for Lunch & 55 for Dinner.


Jacob Brierley Associate Mac McNeill 1941/42 
Samuel Brierley Associate Mac McNeill 1941/42
Andrea Brierley Guest
David Brierley Guest
Pat Kissane 1945/46
Shawn Kissane Guest
Joe Earl 1956/57
Steve Earl Guest
John Aspinall 1959/60
Val Aspinall Guest
Mike Rotherforth 1960/61
Diane Rotherforth Guest
John Nippers 1960/61 – Cancelled 20/07
Marc Hardman 1961
Marianne Williams Guest
Tom Keyes 1963/64
Will Jones 1963/64
Dermot O’Toole 1964/65 – Cancelled 18/07
Dermot O’Toole Guest – Cancelled 18/07
Ashley Price 1965/66
Trevor Roberts 1965/66 – Cancelled 19/07
John Morris 1965/66
Karl Masters Associate
Ken Tatlock 1965/66 – Cancelled 18/07
Mark Chatham 1965/66 – Cancelled 19/07
Elle Chatham Guest – Cancelled 19/07
Steve Cottell 1968/69
Pauline Curham Guest
Barrie Jones 1969/70
Bill Murdoch 1971/72
Angela Bennett Guest
Ian Parr 1974/75
Debbie Parr Associate
Martin Lynch 1973/76
Martin Lynch Guest
Bill O’Leary      1974/76 – C-19 Self Isolation 18/07
Tony Eastham 1975/76
Paul Clews Guest
Steve Humphries 1975/76
Steve Fuller 1976/77
Steve Fuller  Guest
Andrew Butler 1977/78
Steve Challinor 1978/79
Jeanette Sefton-Miles Guest
Steve Owen 1 1978/79
Steve Owen 2 Guest
Steve Owen 3 Guest
Steve Owen 4 Guest
Steve Owen 5 Guest
Jim O’Loughlin 1979/80
Adam Meacham 1980/81
Rachael Meacham Guest
Adrian Baker 1980/81
Mark Palmer 1980/82
Karen Bolster Guest
Brett Parsons 1981/82 + George Parsons Guest
Debi Hollingworth Guest
Ian Young 1981/83
Bec’s Young Guest
Martyn Hunt 1982/85
Karen Hunt Guest
Richard Lacey 1991/93                             
Leah  Lacey Guest                         
Luke  Lacey Guest                                
Amanda  Kay Guest
Major Russ Reid JSMTC Guest
Dawn Palmer Reid JSMTC Guest
WO2 Daniel Meehan JSMTC Guest
Amy Meehan JSMTC Guest

Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA)


IOBA Reunion 2021 COVID-19 UPDATE

37th Reunion: Details below

Saturday 24th July 2021 10:30>

Currently it is the Committee’s intention to proceed with the 2021 Indefatigable OBA reunion on July 24th. We will of course monitor the daily data regarding the ongoing figures of people becoming infected, that will show whether the various disease affects more people. The government has set the review date to 19th July, that is the start of the week of the reunion, which is close running… , but the infection figures the week prior will be a good indicator. Let’s hope the increase in the number of people vaccinated also curtails the one’s becoming infected.

Welsh guidance 14/07/2021;

We have to advise: The Reunion date is tentative subject to change by the English and Welsh Parliaments.

The final cut off date for booking the 2021 24th July reunion has now ended, which was on Monday 28th June 2021 as advertised.

2021 AGM Agenda





Time confirmed (10:00> 11:30) on Saturday 24th July 2021 at the Carreg Bran Hotel.


20211106-IOBA AGM Presentation 2021-Final
Ser Item Owner
1 Opening Address Andrew Butler (Chairman)
2 Apologies Andrew Butler (Chairman)
3 Obituaries Andrew Butler (Chairman)
4 2019 AGM Minutes (2020 cancelled) Steve Humphries (Vice Chairman)
5 Matters arising from 2019 AGM Minutes Steve Humphries (Vice Chairman) in the absence of Richard Lawson (General Secretary)
6 Chairman’s Report 2021 Andrew Butler (Chairman)
7 Presentation of 2020 Accounts Tom Keyes (Treasurer)
8 Membership update July 2021 Tom Keyes (Treasurer)
9 IOBA Merchandise update – Indefatigable Memorial Benches – Named Brass Plaques. Ian Parr (Merchandise)
10 IOBA Newsletter update Tony Eastham (Newsletter Editor)
11 IOBA National Sea Cadet Award, Archives & Web Site Update. Steve Humphries (Vice Chairman)
12 Election of Committee. In accordance with the IOBA Constitution the following Committee roles are up for re-election at today’s Annual General Meeting.

The roles are voluntary, open to full members of the IOBA and held for 3 years (2021-2024).
There are four roles as follows;
1) Vice Chairman.
2) General Secretary.
3) Merchandise.
4) Archivist & Website (new role).
Andrew Butler (Chairman)
13 Key Events Andrew Butler (Chairman)
14 AOB.

IOBA Southern Branch would like to be reinstated with membership (AGM attendee) approval, by vote.

With approval, start the process of affiliation with the ‘new Southern IOBA Branch’ to rejoin the main group again. Martin Lynch 74/76.

Committee / Martin Lynch 74/76.

*Voting at this AGM is to be by Full Members only, those guests present who wish to vote next year, please see the committee during the day for your membership form.  If you are not a full member, but wish to add something to the AGM, please feel free to raise it under Any Other Business.

20211106-IOBA AGM Presentation 2021-Final


Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA)

Committee Elections 2021-2024

IOBA Committee Elections 2021 – 2024. Last years Reunion and AGM was cancelled due to C-19, therefore the 2020 IOBA Committee Elections were delayed by one year.

I fully intend to stand down being the Vice Chairman this year, to focus more on the Indefatigable archives (records & assets). I have served on the IOBA Committee since 2000 and time is now overdue to stand-a-side.

Being part of the Indefatigable Old Boys Association Committee is a great way to get more involved by keeping our HERITAGE alive, helping shape the direction of the IOBA and contribute to improving the association for others, so please seriously consider this.

In accordance with the IOBA Constitution the following Committee roles are up for re-election at this years Annual General Meeting, date confirmed as Saturday the 24th July 2021 (post June 21st!). The roles are voluntary, open to full members of the IOBA and held for 3 years (2021-2024).

The FOUR roles are as follows;

Vice Chairman.

General Secretary.


Archivist & Website (new role).

If you are interested in any of the roles and want to know more about the responsibilities then please speak to the current incumbents or the Chairman.

Contact details for the IOBA Committee can be found on our web page

If you wish to put your name forward for any of the 4 roles then please send your full name, Inde number and years attended and which position you are interested in, to IOBA General Secretary at

If you are not currently a member of the IOBA are thinking of joining then please visit our web site which has details of how to subscribe. The annual fee for membership is just £15 per year (£10 OAP +65yrs) which goes towards the running of the IOBA which includes helping ex Inde boys, holding an annual reunion at JSMTC Indefatigable (old School) and various charity work.

© 2021

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