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Saturday 24th March 2012 – 7.30 p.m
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

With the IOBA Chairmans approval, Steve Humphries (75/76) IOBA Secretary,was invited as one of many VIP guests to the ‘Titanic 100th anniversary memorial concert, representing the Bridge Boys & Crew members of RMS Titanic. The Indefatigable Ships Bell was used in the event, which was at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.  Marc Hardman (1961) paraded the IOBA Standard once again.

The event was an excellent PR move for the IOBA, where the shows organisers included the ‘Indefatigable’ in their Souvenir Programme, giving us great publicity and acknowledgement.

Three of the Bridge Boys on RMS Titanic and many of the sailors in the crew were trained on board TS Indefatigable moored in the river Mersey.  All three Bridge Boys were ordered to stay on board, as the Titanic sunk!  To this account the ‘Titanic Heritage Trust’ are considering having a memorial set up to the Bridge Boys of RMS Titanic.

The Ismay family, owners of the White Star Line and RMS Titanic, instituted the “Ismay Prize” of £20 to be awarded to the best Indefatigable Cadet of the year. £20 at that time would have been more wealth than the family had ever owned.

Steve would like to thank ‘all’ who helped him move the Bell to and from the event, and to ‘Marc Hardman, Russell Jones & David Owen’ who so proudly showed off ‘the bell’ on the night in question. Sir Michael Bibby Indefatigable OBA Honorary President and his Wife were at the event too. We hope to see them both at the Indefatigable 150th Celebration in 2014!



2011 Reunion Photos

We thought you might like to see some photos taken by Richard Barclay depicting his and Kevin Hogg’s flight to the 2011 Reunion. There are some great areal photos of the school.

Click here to see Richards photos

Richard and Kevin, thanks for sharing!

The Indefatigable Song!

(Sung to the Indefatigable March)

We are some of the Inde lads, sailors of Britain are we,

We man our Merchant Ships, and we man our Navy ships,

We are respected upon the high seas.

We are going sailing from shore to shore, ports and hatches battened down,

When we hear our bosun call, hands on deck – one and all,

We are the Inde lads.


(Sung to Anchors Away)

We are the Inde lads, sailors are we,

We know our seamanship, and we man our nations ships.

We are respected on the high sea,

We proudly fly our ensigns as we sail across those seas.


(Sung to the Indefatigable March)

We are some of the Inde lads, sailors of Britain are we,

We man our Merchant Ships, we man our Navy ships,

We are the Inde lads.


Re-created for Brass Band by Bruce Jackson from research by Pat Kissane 1946/47 – 2011

Played by: ‘The Golden Rail Band of York’.

Download the Inde Song (4mb) (Right-click, Save link as…)

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