Sir Michael Bibby Bt (M.D. Bibby Line Group)

Honorary President Sir Michael Bibby Bt_M.D. Bibby Line Group





HONORARY PRESIDENT_Sir Michael Bibby Bt (M.D. Bibby Line Group) at the King Billy figurehead unveiling 2016















Sir Michael at the King Billy figurehead unveiling 2016.

CHAIRMAN : 2016 > 2019

Andrew Butler 1977-78

IOBA Committee Member since 2014.

Andrew Butler 77_78 IOBA Chairman 2016_2019
















Andrew Butler 1977-78

11 Stephen Bennett Close. Duston, Northampton. NN5 6PH

Tel: 01604751402

Mob: 07766471567


VICE CHAIRMAN & Archives Secretary: 2017 – 2020

Steve Humphries 1975-76

IOBA Committee Member since 2000.














Steve Humphries 1975-76

Trinity House. 18 Orchard Drive, Wooburn Green, Bucks. HP100QN

Tel: 01628850930

Mob: 07703454495


TREASURER & Membership Secretary : 2016 > 2019

Tom Keyes 1963-64

IOBA Committee Member since 2005.

Tom Keyes 63_64 IOBA Treasurer & Membership Secretary 2003_2019















Tom Keyes 1963-64

4 Edison Drive. Upton Grange, Northampton. NN5 4AB

Tel: 01604582779

Mob: 07912693655



Richard Lawson 1985-88

IOBA Committee Member since 2017.

Richard Lawson Reunion 2015















Richard Lawson 1985-88

11 Jenkins Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. BA14 8NF

Tel: 01225351722

Mob: 07850545589


NEWSLETTER Editor : 2016 > 2019

Tony Eastham 1975-76

IOBA Committee Member since 2010.

(Image to follow)

Tony Eastham 1975-76


MERCHANDISE : 2017 > 2020

Ian Parr 1974-75

IOBA Committee Member since 2017.

Ian Parr 7475















Ian Parr 1974-75


IOBA President, Committee & Officer terms;

2016 – 2019   Chairman: Andrew Butler 77/78.

2016 – 2019   Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Tom Keyes 63/64.

2016 – 2019   Newsletter Editor: Tony Eastham 75/76.

2017 – 2020   Vice Chairman & Archives Secretary: Steve Humphries 75/76.

2017 – 2020   General Secretary: Richard Lawson 85/88.

2017 – 2020   Merchandise: Ian Parr 74/75.

No Date Honorary President: Sir Michael Bibby, Bt (M.D. Bibby Line Group).

No Date Web Master: Owen Sutton 91/95.

No DateLess Fortunate Member Representative: Martyn Hunt 82/85.

No DateStandard Bearer: Marc Hardman 1961.

No DateStandard Bearer: John Aspinall 59/60.



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4 Responses to “Committee”

  • John Clark:

    Hello Owen,
    I am delighted to find that there is such an active OBA.I came accross an old newspaper which noted a reunion but unfortunately misplaced it. Nevertheless I intend to keep in contact from now on. I was at “Indy”in the mid sixties before heading off with the Bank Line.I can recall Capt.Wade and one of the officers by the name of James Bond (no joke)from Edinburgh.No doubt more will spring to mind over the period.Looking forward to contacting you again and hopefully meeting up with the other OBs at some time.

    Kind regards

    John Clark

  • Mark Covell:

    I was amazed to find this….after many years, i decided to look for my old school and i was sad to see it had closed. But i am glad to have found this ‘reunion’ website.

    Yes i am a ‘Nozzer’ from the 1982-83 class. I was only at Inde for a year and never went into the armed forces. The discipline i learnt at Inde has carried me through all of my life so far.

    My question is…Is there any 82-83 members around today still?

    thanks Mark Covell

  • ian addison 77/79:

    it is great to find this site,for years ive been trying to find anything to do with the indifat,ive read everything on this site and found it brill,some of the storys by the old boys befor my time at the indi reminded me of things id seen and done. I went to the indi in 1977 to 1979 and i was number 70 and slept in dorm 1( always the cleanest),I was also in the band.

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